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Menopause Reset

How You Can Master Your Menopause

What if, instead of feeling like it’s the beginning of the end, it was the new start you often dreamed of? Every woman lucky enough to reach a mature age will suffer from menopause. My mindful menopause Program is designed to help you with  anxiety and depression, to help you understand your emotions and in return to control those mood swings. By building a daily meditation practice you are able to give your brain a work out and in time bring clarity to your thoughts which helps to dilute the brain fog.

Mindful Menopause Reset Includes:

Monday - Friday 7 am ~ 30 Minutes ~

Meditation practice delivered via zoom in the comfort of your own home or even your own bed! It is important to create a routine for a mediation practice, by all coming together on zoom each morning it encourages you to commit to your practice. You will leave the practice each morning feeling energised and ready to face the day ahead. You are not required to have your camera on during practice.


Saturday 10 am ~ 2 hour Workshop ~

This will be my chance to take you through different exercises and practices to help to build a routine that you will be able to continue with after the course has finished. We will deep dive into emotions. Teach you to observe your feelings and ‘sit’ with whatever is coming up for you each day. We will look at ways that we can embrace our menopause and use this time to transform into who we really are.



Monday evening 7-8pm Q&A

This is your opportunity to ask any questions and also to share with others your experiences so far. It a chance for the group to come together and hopefully form friendships that will continue  on after the course.

WhatsApp Group

There will be a Whatsapp group that will be created for your specific course. This will be your opportunity to connect with me at all times and to form bonds with your fellow students.




All zoom classes will be recorded and there will also be audios available of meditations for you to play whenever you so wish.


Don't let menopause hold you back any longer. It's time to seize control of your life, regain your vitality, and confidently step into this new phase. Are you ready to experience the transformation you deserve?


Join a community of women that have decided to step into their divine feminine power and embrace this transformational time in their life.


Click the link below to join the next course.





P.S. Your journey to freedom from menopausal challenges starts here. Join us today, and let's make this transition a positive and empowering one together.
Don't wait any longer - Your radiant future awaits!


What To Expect From
The Menopause

  1. Clarity of mind, ability to concentrate and focus more and memory will improve.

  2. You will have less anxiety and stress, but when things become hard, as always, you will have the tools to take control and bring your mind and body back to peace and calm.

  3. You will have a self-care routine that will include meditation, journaling, exercise and healthy food  options.

  4. You will learn to calm the mind without the need for alcohol or drugs.

  5. You will have a better, more positive mindset and become excited to start each day.

  6. Your family, friends and work colleagues will notice the difference in you and want to know what you are doing.

  7. You will accept who you are, learn to love the body you are in and feel more confident and in love with yourself wholly and fully inside and out. Your inner light will shine bright, and your family and friends will feel the benefit when they are in the presence of your light.

  8. You will learn how to live a Brighter Lighter Life.

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