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You're Not Going Crazy,
It's The

 It's time to take charge and embrace this phase
of life with confidence and vitality.

Menopause Can Feel Like a Rollercoaster

Living with the menopause symptoms can make life feel like hard work. Feeling exhausted and agitated. Like life doesn’t bring you joy anymore. Reaching more often for a bottle of wine after another long, exhausting day, only to wake up feeling more anxious and more alone.

Relationships become tough, arguments with family, children, partners and friends seem regular. 70 % of divorced woman blame the menopause for their marriage breakdown. Do you really hate him…….. or is it just the menopause monkey mind?

Do you feel like you don't recognise yourself anymore?

Menopause is a natural transition in every woman's life, but it can come with a host of emotional and physical challenges.


This is one that creeps up on you. But it can steadily increase and for some can become debilitating. If you have never been an anxious person it can feel really confusing. Things that used to be fun like holidays can feel overwhelming even just the thought of what to pack let alone traveling to the destination can send you hiding under the duvet , simple tasks like food shopping can just feel like they are way too hard to complete and don't even get me started on what an earth can I cook for dinner tonight!

Coupled with brain fog that can really enhance anxiety especially in the workplace. When you get this in the workplace it can really feel like you can no longer do your job, imposter syndrome! A job that you may have been doing for years can feel confusing and overwhelming. Many women struggle in the workplace but don’t speak up for fear of losing their positions.

Low Mood or Depression:

This is generally the one that eventually takes the menopausal lady to the GP and they get misdiagnosed with depression rather than menopausal believe or not many GP’s aren't even aware of the menopause and how it can effect women's lives significantly. You may feel that you are struggling to find the joy in your life. Things that used to be fun just don't feel the same any more. You may have low energy so everything feels like it's in the ‘too hard’ pile.  

Brain Fog:

This is the one that we women tend to joke about the most, ‘whoops sorry menopause moment’. But the reality is , this can really be a trigger for anxiety and imposter syndrome, and mood swings, often being hard on ourselves for not remembering why we went into that room, or that really simple word that just disappeared momentarily from our vocabulary. And who even knew where they had put their keys and their phone before the menopause! 

You're Not  Going Crazy, It's The Menopause!

Are menopause symptoms turning your life upside down?

Do you feel like your body and emotions are no longer under your control?

It's time to take charge and embrace this phase of life with confidence and vitality. 

Hello, I am  Yvette

How I Reset My Menopause...

One day, I was lost and confused in a hospital corridor, a victim of early menopause symptoms. The mood swings, arguments, and isolation took a toll on my life. I turned to alcohol for temporary relief, but it only worsened things.

Prescribed antidepressants brought some relief, but they came with debilitating headaches. My life spiralled downward, fuelled by brain fog and anxiety. Desperate for help, I prayed for a sign. It arrived as a yoga retreat just a few miles from home. This marked the beginning of my spiritual journey.

Daily meditation became my sanctuary, reducing anxiety and bringing clarity. My life improved; mood swings lessened, and I drank less. I realized I needed to change my career, but traditional paths were not feasible.

During lockdown, I took a meditation teacher training course, discovering my purpose. Now, I teach others that there is a  way to navigate their menopause, to embrace this time in your life, step into who they really are and empower their divine feminine energy.

Today, I live a happy, peaceful life. Physical symptoms occasionally resurface, but I manage them with meditation. I've embraced a healthier lifestyle, no longer craving sugar and alcohol.

Coldwater swimming has become my joy, connecting me with nature. I want to share this transformation with women. You don't need drastic changes; you need to reset your menopause, tap into your feminine power, and follow your inner intuition to lead your desired life.

I now teach other women to reset their own menopause, teaching them to live more mindfully and to bring a meditation practices into their life to create a routine that will lead them towards a brighter lighter life. I know that this is my purpose and that by learning to connect to my own inner intuition I was able to find my way towards my own joy.

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